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PAID-TO-CLICK (PTC) site is the most popular internet income opportunity and will be more popular in the future.  These are the programs where advertisers PAY YOU to CLICK or view or surf their advertisment.


After JOINING on the paid-to-click site, daily, view and click on advertisement and get paid for it. 

Also, after joining, check on the referral, and invite your friends to give you more income opportunity especially if your friends invite their friends and click on advertisement.


$500 a month and more!!! (for just 30 minutes of your time)

Brief Explanation on Earning Potential

Let us say you enrolled in 10 Paid-to-Click (PTC) Site, then, those PTC sites has an average of 10 advertisement for you to view daily. 

Since most PTC pays you $0.01 per click,

that is,

10 PTC site x 10 ads = 100 ads


100 ads x $0.01 = $1.00 per day

(your earnings from your personal clicks)

SMALL AMOUNT? Well I say NO.  You get it for free remember? And that is guaranteed extra income for you!

NOW, where is the $500 a month?

In PTC, there is so called referral system. Wherein most PTC sites gives you 100% of your referral earnings.

Sounds confusing? Let us put it this way...

Let us say, you have 50 referrals for each PTC.

Earning Examples:

You click 100 ads per day (as shown above) = $1.00

50 referrals also click 100 ads per day like you = $50.00

Your daily earnings = $51.00

Your monthly earnings = $357.00

Your monthly earnings = $1,428.00

Im sure you have more than 50 friends but both you and your referrals has to be active always. 

Now, how much is your potential earnings?

$500 or more a month, that is RIGHT, at the comfort of your home.

Unbelievable! Well this big earning is possible by focusing at your goals.

Many have been successful already and YOU can be next.


Am I going to limit myself to 50 people?

It depends on you if you think your earnings are enough but remember that their are millions or billions of people today and tomorrow.  Thus, their are a lot of opportunities to earn more.

Step-by-step Guide to start with PTC Opportunities

Step 1: Make your own email address if you dont have one

Step 2: Register at alert pay ( <-- Click it and Choose Personal Starter.

Step 3: Register a FREE account at the recommended PTC sites below.

(Just click the banners below... Scroll down to view the banner.. eg. ARA-Bux, Neobux, etc)

Step 4: Log-in to your PTC account and start earning cash by clicking / viewing / surfing advertisements.

(Note: wait for the check mark to appear before closing advertisement so that your click will be credited)

Step 5: Make the clicking and viewing ads a daily habit (at least 30 minutes a day)

Step 6: Refer others to join under you and send them emails about the opportunities.

Step 7: CASHOUT your money when you had reach the minimum pay-out.

Step 8: Enjoy your earnings!!!

For questions, you can email me at,

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