Frequently Asked Question

1. Is this for REAL?

YES.  I would not be doing these and inviting you to join if this is false.  Besides, you are not required pay any joining fee.  The only way for you to be convince is to try it.  I have the same questions before I started and when I decided to try it, anyway, you have nothing to lose, I was convince it is for REAL especially when I first receive my cashout and pay-off from the program to my alertpay and alertpay to my bank account.

2. What is ALERTPAY?

ALERTPAY is a payment processor like paypal.  It serves as your online bank where you can send and withdraw money. All your earnings from PTC sites will be sent to your ALERTPAY account when you request for cashout. 

3. How is payment processed?

After you receive your earnings from PTC sites, you can log on to your ALERTPAY account and withdraw your money. There are many ways to withdraw your money in ALERTPAY.

First mailed check (minimum withdrawal is $20). By mailed check, ALERTPAY, sends you a check to your home address.

Second, by bank transfer.

Third, you can invest your savings to buy/rent referrals so you can earn more money in the future.

4. How can I get referrals?

You can get referrals by referring anyone and give them your referral link or simply tell them to put your username as the referrer when they register.

You can also buy/rent referrals using your balance in your ALERTPAY account.

5. Can I have more than one account in one PTC site?

NO, if the admin of the PTC sites detect that you have been using multiple accounts, you might be banned and your accounts will be deleted.

6. Can I register to more than one PTC sites?

YES, you can register to more than one PTC sites.  It is really up to you on how many PTC sites you register.  The more the better and more earnings.

For any questions and clarification, you can email me at 

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